Phung Thanh Restaurant, a culinary destination imbued with Vietnamese culture, a place to preserve and spread the flavors of the North right in the heart of Hanoi. This place is not only a stopover to enjoy delicious specialties but also a journey to find original flavors, enhancing the experience of exquisite Northern cuisine.

Cultural features imbued with tradition at Phung Thanh Restaurant

Cultural features imbued with tradition at Phung Thanh Restaurant

The beauty of the architecture and traditional interior decoration. The architecture and interior at Phung Thanh restaurant are boldly traditional, each space and small corner here carries the breath of Vietnamese culture. Exquisite details, sculpted wood lines to murals, embroidered lamps, each corner exudes exquisite beauty. Phung Thanh is not only a place to enjoy cuisine but also a traditional cultural destination bearing the golden mark of the Ly Dynasty.

Tung Goc Cua Nha Hang Toat Len Ve Dep Truyen Thong

Every corner of the restaurant exudes a delicate cultural beauty

Sophistication in serving and decorating the table

The sophistication in serving and decorating the meal is all professional. From arranging dishes on the plate, presenting each dish in a traditional format, to setting the table and serving customers, every detail is meticulously taken care of, which not only makes diners enjoy a delicious meal. but also leave a deep impression when experiencing the cuisine at Phung Thanh restaurant.

Thuong Thuc Nhung Mon an Dac San Mang Dam Huong Vi Xu Bac

The meticulousness in service makes diners feel comfortable

Familiar special dish from the Northern region

Familiar dishes from the Northern region such as shrimp paste rolled in coconut, snail rolls grilled in banana leaves, copper loach braised with pepper, and eel braised with banana roots all have the traditional flavors of this land. They are not only delicious dishes but also enrich Vietnamese cuisine.

Su Chin Chu Trong Cach Phuc Vu Khien Thuc Khach Thoai Mai

Enjoy specialty dishes with bold flavors of North Vietnam

The combination of traditional cuisine imbued with traditional culture at Bac Phung Thanh culinary restaurant

The goal of Phung Thanh restaurant is to create a space to deeply experience Northern Vietnamese culture and cuisine. We hope to bring customers not only a taste experience, but also a deeper understanding of the unique culture and cuisine of this land through diverse and rich dishes.

Phung Thanh Noi Tao Ra Khong Gian Trai Nghiem Van Hoa Dam Chat Truyen Thong

Phung Thanh is to create a space to deeply experience Northern Vietnamese culture and cuisine

Contribute to preserving and spreading Vietnamese culinary culture

Not only is it a place to preserve the traditional flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, Phung Thanh is also a destination to honor and spread the country's culinary culture to young generations and expatriates.

Noi Luu Giu Va Truyen Ba Net Dep Am Thuc Bac Bo

A place to preserve and propagate Northern culinary culture

We are proud to introduce to you typical dishes, combining traditional flavors and creativity in food preparation. This is not only a culinary experience but also a journey of discovery and deep understanding of the culinary cultural heritage of the Vietnamese people.

Hanh Trinh Kham Pha Va Truyen Van Hoa Dan Toc

 A journey of discovery and deep understanding of the nation's culinary cultural heritage

Come and explore the richness and diversity of our signature menu, we are pleased to bring you the most wonderful experience of the flavors and culinary culture of Vietnam.